Corporate Law

In a constantly transforming business environment, which provides unprecedented and various possibilities, but at the same time requires high level of compliance, we help our clients to take the most efficient decisions and to perceive laws, through our perspective, as a strategic tool. Indicatively:

  • We are advising on corporate governance issues, providing consultation in dealing with every day demands and drafting the relevant documents.
  • We deal with the company incorporations and restructuring (joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions), negotiating and drafting the relevant legal documents.
  • We formulate trade agreements, understanding our clients’ negotiating dilemmas. We have extensive experience in distribution, agency, technology transfer, accommodation, catering, and lease agreements. We resolve issues of abnormal development of business corporations, taking into account cost minimization and avoidance of longstanding legal battles.
  • We advise our clients on human resource management issues, based on labor law requirements.
  • We take measures to ensure the companies’ intellectual capital, through the registration and judicial protection of their trademarks, the drafting of relevant agreements and the formation of an overall strategy regarding unfair competition.
  • We advise our clients on consumer protection issues, compliance of their products with the legislation and the best practices and avoidance of the unfair commercial practices.

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